Procedure Uploading Research Progress Report



1. The student portal url is:


2. Type your student matric card number (as USER ID).


3. Type your password and click the Login button.


If you encounter this pop up (error message), while trying to login into the student portal.


Just click the OK button and proceed to the next step. 




1. After closing the pop up (error message), you can see change of USER ID into (IC No/Passport/SSM ID/KKM ID). 


2. Type your IC No. for the Local Student and Passport No. for the International Student that you have register first time when applying for your education enrollment.


3. Type your password and click the Login button.


Once you have login into the Student Portal.


Click on the System To Use


Once you have click on the System To Use.


Your overall system that you can use and utilize in UTeM will be appeared.


Click on the icon stating SMPS (Sistem Maklumat Pengajian Siswazah).


Once you have click the icon SMPS.


A new sub webpage will be automatically pop up and appeared.


This is your SMPS webpage that contains full information regarding yourself.


For the purpose of uploading your progress report, click on the Marks.


Once you have click on the Marks.


A dropdown menu bar will be appeared, click on the progress report.


Once click on the progress report.


You will be looking at the Progress Report webpage that contains your Name and Matric No appearing automatically.


The first (1) step that you need to do is download the form: Progress Report.doc


Once you have completed filling up and signing the Progress Report.doc.


The second (2) step that you need to do is converting the document into pdf format and upload it in the system by clicking the Browse button


A pop up Fail page will be appearing.


1. Click on the Browse for uploading the Progress Report.pdf from your device.


2. Click on the Save button to store the document in the system database.


Once you have click the Save button.


Automatically the Progress Report.pdf will be generated into your matric no and the current semester will be saved.


The saved File Name will be appearing in your device screen with your matric no and the current semester


For confirming your file have been saved succesfully.


1. You can view it in your Progress Report page under File Name.


2. You can click the Checklist for confirming it. 


Once click on the Checklist.


The Form Checklist will be appearing and you can view the details.


Under the Student Progress of Study: For Research Students only will be ticked in green colour as Completed indicating that you have successfully saved your Progress Report document.